5 Of The Best Unbreakable Bike Locks

Ensure your peace of mind by getting a proper lock in 2017.

Bicycle theft is the most common worry of bike owners. Bike owners spend most of their time worrying about their bikes getting stolen than their cars. Bike theft is very common and can’t be managed easily. If your bike gets stolen, there is high chance that you will not be able to see it again. Being smart is the best precaution against theft. Buying a good lock can save you from this worry. Branded bike locks are unbreakable, secure and straightforward to use. Here, I will attempt to review a handful of high, good bicycle locks and will explain how to use them. This might help you track down some great brands to which you can have a look.

Features and appearance of a top rated bike locks

If you are looking for a high-quality bicycle lock that can sustain pressure and is unbreakable, you must keep yourself updated about some of the key features of these locks. Style and material is the most important feature you should search for.

Most active style

U-locks and chains, according to me is the best and more secure theft-proof bicycle locks available on the market. Both are usually made of uncut table metals, and both are very convenient for using. Cable locks are the least active locks that can be cut with brute force by using bolt cutters. A cable lock can keep the theft busy for a maximum time of ten seconds. That is all it can do and are not at all useful for securing components.

Most helpful material

The strongest bicycle locks made out of hardened steel are the best, according to my opinion. There are many cheap bike locks available on the market which are composed of softer alloys thus they are weak and can be cut quite easily either with a hacksaw or a bolt cutter. Expensive locks are always made from hardened steel, which is strongly resistant to hacksaw, and bolt cutter attempts, until and unless the theft can spend 6 hours fire cutting. The only way hardened steel can be cut is by using an angle grinder, which causes a shower of spark and is very noisy thus can’t be utilized in the open.

Our 5 Favourite Bike Locks


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When it comes to bicycle locks, the Fahgettaboudit by Kryptonite is one of the best bike locks you will come across. Although it is not very cheap, it will give you peace of mind. The lock is composed of hardened steel, which will turn away the hacksaws and bolt cutters. The lock has a double deadbolt design, and a disc cylinder is used to operate it, which is tough to pick. This lock has a healthy weight that is over 4 pounds, but a vinyl coating covers it, which prevents it from scratching up your expensive road bike.

2. Evolution Chain

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Chain locks have many advantages. Firstly, being flexible like a cable they are easy to attach, secondly, they are made from hardened steel, which makes them durable and reliable, thirdly, as they are made from hardened steel they are tough for the thief to cut until, and unless they use the angle grinder. This evolution chain has all these qualities. Each chain has thick and durable hex styled manganese reinforced steel thus cutting with hacksaw and bolt cutter is impossible. Nylon fabric material covers the chain thus keeping the links protected and more importantly preventing your frame from scratches by the metal.

3. Abus U 64

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There are many bicycle locks with good reviews when it comes to ease of use and security, but they score very less in one key category, i.e., weight. Most of the lightweight bicycle locks sacrifice security. Here is where Abus U 64 steps in. This mini U-lock comes with a very easy weight, despite that, it is the strongest U-locks in this category having some of the excellent features. The shackle being composed of hardened steel variant is strong as well as light. The lock cylinder featuring a double deadbolt design is resistant to all cutting weapons. If you are searching for a small lightweight but a high-quality lock, you must choose this one.

4. Bordo

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This unique and uncommon lock design is bound to confuse the thief because they are not used to seeing this kind of locks. This attractive lock design is very efficient for the user and is also very lightweight. The lock represents a similar pattern to that of a cable or a chain, which are flexible when locking up. Consisting of 6 metal bars, which can produce a chain like structure, these locks are perfect regarding both weight and portability. It weighs around 2.6 pounds and can be folded to a very compact size. The bars of these locks are quoted with a rubberized material, which prevents scratches on your bike.

5. Masters Lock Street Cuffs

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These street cuffs by Master Lock are another type of different locks with some fantastic theft proof features. These locks having a single link chain can pivot on both cuffs. Thus making your ride smooth and quick to secure. Then you can easily attach one end to your bike and the other end to a convenient signpost. These cuffs being pretty small can be folded over one another to save space in your pack. Hardened steel is the material from which these locks are made; both the cuffs and the links are from hardened steel, which makes them very resistant to attacks with the bolt cutter and other such instruments. These inexpensive and convenient cuffs deserve a checkout. Positive reviews, nearly durable construction and real strength are the factors, which make them one of the top bike locks available these days.

Make your bike look like a lot of trouble to steal with the useful, small and hardened lock, which can’t be cut quickly because thief usually targets low hanging fruits. So get the proper lock and ensure your peace of mind.

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Written by Tom Wooten

The owner of Bikes on Point, if it's got two wheels then Tom's interested. In 2016 he decided to write about this passion, helping those wanting to get into cycling on the right track.

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