Best Carbon Road Bike Under $2000

The Cheapest Carbon Road bikes worth riding

Carbon is known as popular materials in the bicycle industry. It has been considered as a high and a light material that cycles are made up of. Carbon is known to be stronger than steel as well! Carbon bikes are known to be expensive as the product is difficult to create and requires a lot of labor. The good news for bike lovers is that cheap carbon fiber road bikes are arriving very soon. You can find some fantastic light feather rides at unbelievable prices. Carbon cycles are the best for cyclists who love riding bikes and now carbon bikes are available at excellent prices. They are all below 2000 dollars.

How is carbon different from steel?

Carbon fiber is a lighter material than steel, and this is a proven fact. You will have lots more energy when riding a carbon bike on a mountain or while racing with other bikes. A carbon bike feels like flying. Here are a few ways in which carbon is different than steel.

  • Vibration- Carbon is known to generate frame vibration. It will help to soften your ride considerably when compared to aluminum.
  • Impacts Durability- Unlike a steel framed bike, an accidental impact or trauma to the structure is usually the end. Carbon bikes are, however, light and an accident does not affect them as seriously as aluminum bikes. Carbon has a tendency to chip, and you can’t repair it like steel
  • Does Not Oxidize- The main pros that you will get from a carbon frame is the lack of oxidization. And the best part is, which you will be surprised to know that both the steel and alloy will oxidize to some extent. These are typically for the parts not covered by paint.
  • Frame Fatigue – All bicycles are vulnerable to frame fatigue. The impacts and bike will slowly degrade the integrity of the structure. Carbon fibers experience microscopic frame fatigue and are durable and can last for an extended period.

Our Top 5 Carbon Road Bikes


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The Talon was an amazing bike when it arrived just a few years ago. It was a beautiful full carbon bike with some of the best components, and it is less expensive when compared to the other bikes. The frame and fork look really impressive. The bike is an aero style bike that looks nice and sleek. The front and the rear fork blades are worth praise. The bike is an amalgamation of 800k and 700k carbon fiber, and it is stiff for tight control but flexible

The frame geometry is a great carbon fiber road bike for triathlons, yet also perfect for regular street use.

Drivetrain- The Talon is fitted with excellent Shimano 105 shifters and derailleurs, which are equipped with an Oval, double crankshaft that has 50/34T that use Oval outer bearings.

Components  – The brakes are necessary with standard Tektro dual pivots. They are very functional and can ride well on the roads as well. The wheels are 700c Oval alloy clinchers with 20 spokes in front and 24 in the back. They spin nicely with well-equipped Equinox folding tires.

Weight- The Talon comes in at 19.2 pounds in total, sans pedals. This is an all rounder bike that is perfect for casual riding, racing, commuting or triathlons. This bike has a great take off and acceleration. This is an impressive bike made of cheap carbon fiber that is light.


  • Comfortable in the saddle and stiff when required to be.
  • Speed is just a stroke away on the flats.
  • The black and the red color scheme is worth purchasing


  • The stem is a little uncomfortable and needs to be changed.


The bike has recently been upgraded for better performance. This is the best bike for flat roads. This is an awesome bike regarding look, and it is worth buying for sure.


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The Diamond Back century is a well-established brand, and it is a big focus on the present generation. It is an affordable carbon bicycle that many people desire

Frame & Fork: The frame and the fork are made from high-end carbon, which is stiff and responsive that makes your ride supple. The carbon frames are designed in such a way so that the weight is reduced to the lower limit with various techniques like removing excess material inside the tube post construction. The bike has a real geometry that makes the ride comfortable.


This bike has no set group. The bike comprises of Shimano Tiara front derailleur, a 105-rear derailleur, and a set of Tiagra 10 speed shifters. It shifts beautifully when turned up and also has plenty of gear options to choose from. The crankset is seen to be a 50/34T Omega set for fast starts, hills, and flats.


The brakes are known to be simple and effective with Tektro R325 dual pivots on the front and the rear. The break cables run inside the carbon frames for a smooth appearance. The wheels are C2+ from HED Cycling, and they also have 20 spokes on the front and 24 on the rear. The machine sidewalls are made up of alloy for a smooth finish and a smooth ride. The Diamond back weighs around 19 pounds.


  • A versatile frame that suits your need
  • 6061-T6 aluminum alloy frame will always go to offer you a durable, lightweight bicycle that will last for years.
  • Combines performance


  • It’s expensive in the pockets


This bicycle is a good bike with a good carbon frame and an upright stance. It is quick and reliable with a good Drivetrain and fantastic wheels and tires as well. If you are a fitness cyclist, then this is the right choice for you. This is a budget carbon road bike with good looks and versatility


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Fuji is another brand that is advantageous. This is an expensive frame that is affordable due to the economy of scale. The bike has been well built for a perfect riding style. This is a speedy lightning quick bike that is your best friend for life.

Frame and Fork

The frame is made of full carbon and is smooth and aerodynamic as well. The C5 high modulus carbon is engineered to provide maximum rigidity and minimum weight. The geometry of the frame is a little upright and with a longer head tube and wheelbase. This gives you great control along with comfort in rising

Drive Train

C5 high-modulus carbon is engineered to provide maximum rigidity and minimum weight. Its not a complete group set as the bike makes use of an Oval forged crankset with 50/34T.The bike is precise and snappy, and acceleration feels efforts.


Fuji sticks with Shimano for the brakes that comprise of a 105-brake set. They are effective and efficient and ensure a clean aesthetic look. An Oval 327 alloy clinchers are paired up to Vitoria Zaffiro slicks. The seat post is made of carbon, and the stem is made of forged aluminum. The bike weighs 18.5 pounds, depending on the frame size.


  • Comfortable bike with disc brakes
  • Made of full carbon frame that makes the bike light and durable to ride at all times.
  • The bike weighs 18.5 pounds, depending on the frame size


Expensive on the pockets


The Gran Fondo makes an excellent ride for cyclists for around $2000.


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The Biggest USP of the Nashbar Carbon 105 road bike is that it is made out of carbon fiber and is a very affordable choice for people who love rising light bikes. Most of the carbon fiber bikes cost more than this bike. This bike is a perfect bike for people who are keen on cycling. It is made of light frames that are durable as well.

The performance of the bike

The Carbon 105 boasts of a light and a durable frame along with various other features that make the bike stand out among the rest. The quality of the ride is outstanding, and you would feel like you are riding on a great bike. The frame absorbs all the vibrations and you would feel light as air on this bike. The transformation from an aluminum frame to a carbon frame makes a great difference. The drive train on this model is amazing and will help you spend less energy to get where you need to be. The gear shifter works well in parallel with the front and the rear derailleurs. There is an option where you can shift gears, and there is no delay in moving the gear like all other models. This is a great bike that aims at perfection, and the wheels are of high quality as well. The wheels of the bike are very high quality and shock resistant and lightweight as well. The wheels are thin and are quick on the road


  • Quality carbon fiber frame
  • Sleek and black design
  • Extremely light in weight


  • Only 11 gear speeds
  • Minimal configuration settings


If you are searching for a well-priced carbon fiber based road bike, then the Nashbar Carbon 105 is one of the best. It looks and feels amazing, and it is affordable as well.


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A different discounted carbon bike

Carbon is a premium material that is labor intensive, but it is expensive as well. You can get some deals on this bike. Their price tag is seen to be quite high, and they are aimed at a client base. These are some of the best carbon bikes that you can purchase at an affordable price

Ridley has some different cycles under their brand, and with the new RIDLEY FENIX CR2, they would set a new style of endurance for riding on the roads.

The Frame and Fork

The Felix carbon frame is gorgeous with thick oversized down tube that makes it look fast, aggressive and tough. This bike is comfortable for extended rides, and it is upright and easier to control. The frame is rigid, and you would be able to compete in the cycling platform as well.

The Drive Train

This bike is a right group set with shifters, derailleurs, levers, crankset and cassette that work well all together. It is seen that the bottom bracket is mainly from SRAM, a PF30 Press Fit, which works wonderfully and helps to save weight.


The Tektro R312 dual pivots help brings this bike to a standstill immediately when required. The frame of the bike rolls on a set of Alex Race alloy clinchers with 28 spokes on each wheel. The bikes have more spokes for rigidity of the wheels along with extra weight as well. The tires are Continental Grand Sports Race that is an excellent choice. The bike weighs 20.15 pounds for a medium frame.


  • Rigid and powerful; with an upright seating position
  • Tektro R312 dual pivots help bring this bike to a standstill immediately
  • The bike is light weight


  • This is a good bike that has no negative feedback or reviews


This is indeed a great looking bike that is worth investing on. The frame is comfortable for any riding style and is also agile enough so that you feel as if you have finally achieved your goal.

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