Best Hybrid Bikes For Under $500

Have an excellent riding experience with a perfect budget friendly bike

In the next 50 years, hybrid bikes are going to rule the market because of its outstanding balance of capability. It targets both the casual as well as commuter rides. Be it grass, road, trails, all are handled with ease by these bikes, but not all are great. Hybrid bikes under $500 show a right blend of two riding styles. However, some hybrids lack efficiency and are not at all suitable for any travel. So how will you find an efficient combination amongst many non-efficient ones? Here, I will present a few reviews of some top quality and affordable hybrid bikes that are below $500 price point, and I will explain the reason for their popularity and the riding best suited by them. Furthermore, a few tips will be offered here on how to understand hybrids and how to shop them. So, here it is.

Tips for shopping hybrid bikes

It is quite easy to find a $500 or under the hybrid bike with good features. This budget can get you an entry level, capable ride, but there are a lot of people who stumbles while finding a good fit. Here, frame size is not the factor I am talking about, I want to mean that many individuals assume hybrid can provide all descriptor of style, but this is totally wrong. As I have mentioned above, the best way by which you can understand a hybrid bicycle is to know whether it represents an amalgam of two styles. Even though, typically it means road and mountain that is not always true. So, if you want to shop a perfect hybrid you must pick any two styles of riding that you prefer the most and look for a bike with those qualities, you need to keep in mind that there are models which lean more towards one particular style than another. I think the industry have started to realize this confusion here. Thus, giving birth to subcategories such as the trail friendly sports hybrid, pavement eating performance hybrid, the well balanced dual sport, etc. I want to help you here so that you can identify a few of the cheap and best hybrid bikes that are under $500; I will review a few great models, each one having a different combination of riding styles. Hopefully, it will aid you in your search for hybrids.

Performance Hybrids

Are you planning to spend most of you time cycling on pavement or concrete? Then you must go for a performance hybrid bicycle. These bikes are composed in such a way so that they can tackle concrete road surfaces effectively. Apart from having pavement prowess they have tires, which are slightly wider, and a more robust frame, which means you can jump off the road onto a light trail or on grass without any problems. The frame geometry is not very aggressive when compared to a road bike, which gives you a better comfort. Unlike hybrids, it doesn’t have any suspension parts, which makes it agile, light and fast.

Out Top 5 Hybrid Bikes

1. Nashbar Flat Bar

Find It Here

This classy bike is an excellent example of a good and impressive performance hybrid bicycle. Although Nashbar and other retailers refer this as a road bike, this should be classified as a performance hybrid. The frame being strong, lightweight and triple butted provides it strength; the fork is made up of carbon fiber and an aluminium steer tube, which helps to dampen vibrations. It has a good gearing range with camera paired to Shimano Altus shifters, which gives you a range of 24 gears to choose from in total. If tuned up properly the derailleurs are bound to work nicely. If you are a bike savvy you could do that by yourself otherwise, it is recommended that you visit a shop to do it. The wheels having double walled alloy rims and Formula hubs are of excellent quality. They though have the same width as a typical road tire but have the capacity of making your ride fun and responsive.

2. Diamond Insight

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Diamondback is making this brand for a while now successfully. It is a bike of versatile quality, not only cheap but also very durable and can sustain pressure. This bike has been made for the purpose of road usage, like most performance model. This bike featuring steel aero forks and alloy frame with double walled alloy wheels can handle a sudden rip through the park, still pavement and local riding suits it better.


3. Sport Hybrids

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Sports hybrids are a new subset of the hybrid world, which have been gaining fast popularity because they are a smart blend of both the road and mountain world. They are capable of doing both the jobs well. These sports hybrids are composed of fat tires, lots of clearance, strong brakes and a hard tail frame; they with a right amount of travel feature front shocks. Unlike a full on the mountain bike, the frame is usually not that aggressive.

4. Fuji Traverse

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This very affordable, beautiful and fun sports hybrid bike is capable of taking you from road to trail. Although it is not as capable as a purpose built mountain bicycle, you can give it a try and well in the case when you are not opting for many mountain rides or rougher terrain. The bike having a butted aluminium alloy frame with a curved down tube represent a dramatic look. The front fork is around 50mm of travel. This is one of the top hybrid choices for $500 especially if you take an off-road ride often.

5. Schwinn Searcher

Find It Here

A truly sport hybrid designed bike paired with an upright riding position Schwinn is an established brand, that is why it has been able to put together such beautiful features for so little. The bike consisting of alloy components is a superior one compared to many of its competitors. The frame being triple butted aluminium saves a lot of weight.

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Written by Tom Wooten

The owner of Bikes on Point, if it's got two wheels then Tom's interested. In 2016 he decided to write about this passion, helping those wanting to get into cycling on the right track.

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