Best Urban Bikes For Commuting

The ultimate urban bike buying guide

Would you like to cycle your way to work? This is indeed an excellent idea. You would save not only money but also pave your way to good health. You can also skip your workouts if you cycle to work regularly. However, it is essential to purchase a bike that is good, durable and comfortable as well because you would not like backaches once you reach home. It is vital that you stick to a good mountain bike that is worth investing in. So what is the best bike that can help you to commute to work on a regular basis? Here are some great bikes that are worth spending money on and are well suited for your daily commute as well.

The Road Bike

The road bicycle is one of the best bikes that are popular all around the world. They are lightning fast, light and efficient as well. They are one of the best bikes suited for sports and riders who have an affinity for bikes would find this bike appealing. So what do people look at a motorcycle for? It is the speed and agility and quality that people find on a vehicle. Though a road bike is fast and efficient, they are pretty uncomfortable in city traffic. Drop bars are intended for aerodynamics, but not comfortable. However, do you think that road bikes are not worth by the way? Not necessarily.

Finding your subcategory

There were not many options in the days of Eddy Merck and Jacques Anquetil for road bike styles. However, now, the road bicycles segments are now subdivided into many categories. They all feature aggressive frame geometry and also lack the suspension components, but there are lots of options to choose from. Here are a few options for you where you easily can find a commuter road bike that is suited for your needs.

  • Choose your bars

A road bike does not have curled drop bars. If you want a good road bike, then ensure that it has a straight bar similar to a mountain bike. The straight handles give you an upright stance and also help to increase your vision and visibility while you are driving on the roads.

  • Choose your group set

The difference between the best and the worst urban commuter road bike is the group set. Groupset is components from a manufacturer that include the shifters, derailleurs, and brakes as well as the crankset and chain. There are also different price tiers; the better and more smoothly it will shift.

  • Avoid Uber Carbon Fiber

If you are tempted to purchase a light and sleek carbon fiber road bike to commute to work then always resist the urge. This bike would get dirty and muddy in the mud and the traffic. Buy a bike with a Chromoly or aluminum frame that would not wear out quickly. Opt for reliable components and beefier tires and save your price as well.

Our Top 5 Urban Bikes:


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The Diamondback Haanjo is a fun bike that everyone would like to own. This bike has especially been built to mix the fun of road with the strength to ride on gravel as well. The bike features a 70-degree head tube that would help you to sit upright. It has a less aggressive stance and is fitted with a straight bar. The frame mainly consists of 6061 aluminum alloys that make the bike light. The front fork is made from carbon fiber. The bike is around 23.5 pounds when fully assembled but is relatively light for the price point and size of the tires. The bike has especially been built to surpass the rough and rugged terrain. It is durable and has been made for handling top end speed. The geometry gives you precise control over the bike, and the bike is fitted with Sora shifters and derailleurs. It is like a 46t / 36t FSA Gossamer, and also has a sealed cartridge bottom bracket.

  • The stopping power of these things such as the Avid and TRP disc brakes are worth mentioning in the rain and dirt
  • Can be ridden on rough terrain and gravel lands
  • Built for an upright frame
  • Natural CX-style gearing.
  • Looks sharp with the white carbon fork perfectly complementing the half-painted, half-polished raw aluminum frame.
  • The saddle is said to be cheaper than expected
  • The FSA crankset could also do with a bit of improvement

One of the best bikes that can be ridden anywhere and everywhere this bike is almost good at everything and costs a lot less than its competitors.



The Urban bikes are some of the best bikes to commute to work. They are known for their simple and utility factors. Urban bikes have clean and spare looking frames. They feature some accessories, bag, and lights so that it looks as clean as possible. The aesthetics of the bike also match with the urban environment of the motorcycle. These are some features that you can find in the urban bikes

  • An internally geared hub is considered to be one of the most popular features on many of the top urban style commuter bikes. That is because it gives the bike a nice, clean chain line and also does away from the derailleur. Internal hubs are known to cost less and require less maintenance as well. They also do not stick out from the sides of the bike. Gears can also be shifted when you are at a standstill or when you need to accelerate faster.


  • Many city bicycles also possess integrated racks and baskets, and this is especially important when you would need to stack in your briefcase, your tiffin box, and bottles along with essential accessories like the computer, phone, wallet, and extra clothes. An upright standing position would also ensure that you could see the road properly and maneuver quickly. Lack of suspension also avoids mushiness when accelerating or decelerating and helps you to reach to changing conditions.


  • Urban tired wider than a typical road bike though they are not much of a mountain bike. They are however designed to give you the comfort and grip on wet pavement.
  • Possess integrated racks and baskets to stack in things
  • Lack of suspension also avoids mushiness when accelerating or decelerating
  • Nice, clean chain line and also does away from the derailleur.
  • They are not fit for the mountains but can be ridden on rough terrains and wetlands as well as gravel roads

In all urban bikes are the bikes that are suited for roads with heavy traffic. They are the best bikes that you can commute with to work and are there to last you for your life.


The Breezer Downtown is one of the best city commuting bicycles with many features the bike is suited to ride in the local terrain. The Breezer Downtown features a classic, diamond shaped frame that’s high-tension steel. The whole bike has especially been designed to give a vintage look along with a comfortable ride with the help of its beautiful paint, and integrated chain guard. This bike does not have any of the well-known suspension components, and the funny thing is the riding position is upright and comfortable. This bike is ideal for commuting in the city. It has rider handlebars that are swept back, and the seating position is neutral as well. The bike features a 5-speed internally geared Nexus hub that can also be shifted if you are at a stand still. Five speeds are enough for city traffic. However, some May gears may be required if you ride on the roads. To add to the features is the rear luggage rack where you put your goods as well. The wheels are mainly quite significant such as 700c in size, and the tires are 35c

This bike is pretty heavy at 32 pounds, but you can find an alternative at an increased budget as well.

  • Upright riding position
  • The wheels are kind of big in size and mainly its like 700c in size, and the tires are 35c that is pretty full
  • Features 5 gears
  • Gorgeous paint and integrated chain guard
  • The bike is a little heavy considering riding in the heavy traffic

This is one of the best bikes to be ridden in the city traffic. This is comfortable and fast as well. The integrated chain guard makes it a must right bike.


One of the most disadvantageous things that a city bike has is less storage space. A folding bike can easily take care of that problem. Various folders can be stashed in a closet or a trunk of a car when they are folded up. Though many people say, that folding bikes do not make a real computer on city roads that is not right. A folding bicycle can be functional and fast. They can compete with full sized bikes in the city. The only disadvantage that these bikes have is the top end speed that can be controlled. You can choose between assortments of full sized bikes nowadays. Most of these folder bikes are fantastic for a trip and can be ridden for long periods of time.

Are folding bicycles capable enough?

A folding bike is as capable as a nonfolding bicycle. Though it does not have any gears, they have up to 30 speeds at your disposal and the best part is even the Montague FIT have 30 gears as well. Your bicycle would not require any space, and your commute would also become convenient. It is light and can be carried in one hand as well.


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The frame of the MONTAGUE CROSSTOWN is a little irregular, but this bike folds up well. They have some models with the same frame as well. The bike has a quick release lever on the top tube that permits the whole frame to rotate around the seat tube. When the bike is folded up the whole thing is larger than the 700c wheels. The bike is known to ride a sports hybrid bike and has no suspension parts with a neutral, upright riding position. It can also quickly accelerate from a standstill. The bike weights 27 pounds.


  • Seven speeds which are controlled with a grip shifter paired to a Shimano Altus rear derailleur
  • Rolls on Alex wheels paired to Formula hubs
  • Stops with basic Tektro dual pivot brakes
  • Can be folded
  • Does not have any gears

This is one of the best bicycles that can be folded and kept when not in use.


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This is one of the best bikes that can handle jobs like riding on tough terrains. A dual sport has a great outlook like a mountain bike with 700c wheels, wide handlebars, and front forks that have been designed for perfect travel. They are also equipped with disc brakes that have a lot more clearance. It is one of the best bikes that you can commute on the roads with.

These are the best bikes that can be reduced with to work on a regular basis and which offers style along with comfort and functionality as well.

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